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Buy phone time for your loved ones with your credit card.

$50 minimum payment is required to buy phone time. All applicable state and local taxes will be applied. A $5.41 including tax convenience fee may be applied on each purchase.

Payments received after 4pm are processed the next business day. Example: 4pm Friday is normally processed Monday morning.

If you choose to pay via Western Union and are not a registered user at Western Union you will be asked to register first.

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Refund Policy As of July 1, 2009 all refund requests must be submitted in writing using this form.
Refund request form in PDF (English) Refund request form in PDF (Spanish)

A written request for refund shall indicate that a customer desires to close his or her account. This will also ensure that both CTI and the customer will have all proper documentation required to close an account.

If you would like to close your Prepay account and request a refund of any remaining balance, you must notify CTI in writing within 90 days of the account's last use. This is because Prepay accounts with credit remaining on them expire ninety (90) days from the date of the last call placed using the account.

On expired accounts, no refunds will be issued after the account expiration date. Prior to expiration, refunds may be obtained after the deduction of the CTI account close out fee.

For refunds on accounts that were paid via Western Union or MoneyGram a check will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service regular mail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

For Credit Card transactions made by phone or website, refunds will only be applied to the payment source used. Please make sure to include the last 4 digits of the card that was used in your account.

No refunds can be processed by email. Please call during business hours.

Billing/Activity Statements CTI does not automatically generate billing statements for your account. If you are receiving calls via collect, your local phone company will send you an itemized section in their bill. If you use a prepay account and find yourself needing a statement, CTI will create one for a $25 accounting fee (includes postage and handling).

Why are calls blocked? Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent you from receiving calls from a facility. We have engineered around these limiting factors with our prepaid and debit account products. The most probable reasons you may be "blocked" are:

1) EXCEEDED BILLING LIMIT WITH LOCAL TELEPHONE COMPANIES: CTI has recently lowered the maximum dollar amount of calls we will bill through your Local Telephone Company. This new billing cap limits our customer's exposure and responsibility instead of being surprised by high phone bills. It applies per household, not per person and is cumulative for the life of the account. To receive calls after you have exceeded the max amount you will need to open an account directly with CTI.

Prepaid Account rates are usually much lower than Collect Call rates. In some cases you can receive two calls on a Prepaid account for the cost of one call via Collect. We always recommend to our customers they avoid Collect Calls anyway due to the high carrying cost we have to pass on to them.

Once you have opened a CTI Prepaid Account, no additional charges will be billed on your local telephone bill. Any calls accepted prior to opening your Prepaid Account will be billed on your local telephone company bill and must be paid on time to continue service with CTI.

2) WIRELESS CARRIER REFUSE TO BILL CALLS: No wireless telephone companies that we know of accept billing for collect calls. To receive calls you will need to open an account directly with CTI.

3) LOCAL CARRIER REFUSE TO BILL CALLS: Independent, smaller, non-"Ma Bell" telephone companies have the option of accepting billing for collect calls. Most do not support Collect due to the expense to them involved with completing the call to you. To receive calls you will need to open an account directly with CTI.

4) INSUFFICIENT BILLING HISTORY: Your local telephone company has not provided CTI sufficient billing information for your phone number. This usually happens on new lines as they propagate through the phone company systems. CTI has no control over when your local phone company will complete their records and publish them. You can wait for the situation to clear up, but the only way to be sure you can receive calls is to open a Prepaid account directly with CTI.

To verify why your phone number is blocked you can call 1-888-524-5235.

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