Pay Online

Buy phone time for your loved ones with your credit card.

$50 minimum payment is required to buy phone time. All applicable state and local taxes will be applied. A $5.41 including tax convenience fee may be applied on each purchase.

Payments received after 4pm are processed the next business day. Example: 4pm Friday is normally processed Monday morning.

If you choose to pay via Western Union and are not a registered user at Western Union you will be asked to register first.


Family and Friends of Inmates, Prepaid Calling

  • If you want to control costs of inmate calls and budget your monthly phone bill.
  • If you can't receive collect calls from your inmate loved one or family member because your telephone company won't bill them.
  • If you want the convenience of online prepaid
    phone service.

Buy Phone Time for your loved one!

Begin receiving calls from your inmate loved one right away. Recharge your prepaid services:

To buy phone time by phone call:
972-964-7010 or 888-524-5235

Reasonable Inmate Rates

Prepay Collect does not charge excessive rates to inmate families. Collect call rates are developed based on rates charged by the industry's largest carriers for similar calls. In some cases, our rates are lower than the regional carrier for local collect calls.

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